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ilasli's Journal

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Watashi wa Nicolette desu. Okage sama de.

The info above is true, so i dont need to make any introduction. some of the things i like are stated below.

i try to update this journal as much as i can, but the truth is i dont get much computer time any more.

id like to graduate from high school and go to MIT or Harvard. but lets face it, we dont always get what we want. once there (somewhere) id like to study nuclear physics. but if i dont get into a good school i wont have much luck of studying in such a specialized intence field.

if i dont study nuclear physics, perhapse i could be a professional hacker. id have to get much better first...

i have low patience for stupid people. now i dont mean stupid as in mentaly slow, i mean stupid as in people who dont want to learn. or people who are souly concernd for themselves.
as in the cheerleader who sits in the back of class wondering if so and so likes her and if her boobs are big enough and thinks that school is a curse on her life because it keeps her away from her mirror.

dont even get me started there...

i love going to concerts. my favorite was day offest (drowning pool, mud vayne, disturbed, linkin park, papa roach.)
that was amazing, right against the gate. talking to shinoda...

i like to talk online, so if you get a moment email me or message me...

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