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8 days and counting every lacking second....

China. 8 days. I need that escape for everything in me. I need that challenge of sorts.

Things are in a balance at my current time; nothing to happy and joyous, nothing to dramatic and sad. Im just here. Im also capatalizing for once....

how does it feel?

Im learing to value these times. I know in the future i will look back on this year and realize what oppertunity and joy i had, yet also take into account how difficult it was. I am growing inside, and indeed the pain of change is there.

I have almost always felt alone. There has been one exception, but that is lightyears away now. Yet now i realize that im not alone. No matter the seclusion my heart tries to find, it is braced in by the love those around me give. For that i am ever thankful.

i changed my info. i need to get more time on line so that i can make this a little more interesting and get my site working again. but it wont be any time soon, i can almost assure you of that.

is it ok to be secure in yourself?

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