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come down, get off your fucking cross

please. spare me the drama. say the truth. it isnt the end of the world. yet i can feel your pain, but i dont understand.

oh well.

i talked to chris. i miss him like no fucking other lately. just cause around this time last year...

but that is another story. which i cant find cause i fucking lost my disk. ill keep looking. thats too much just to loose.

its late. if i get caught im fucked. but im talking to brandon (hence the above), and i dont want to leave anything unresolved. but its a little difficult when it seems like only one of you is willing. oh well. im fucking tired and i need to stop typing before my keybored wakes me parents up.

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You know I love you, but I refuse to play this mediator posistion I have put myself into. I wish I had not chosen to tell you that, then you two would have not had all the anguish suffered tonight, which I except full responsibility for. I do care but tell me to shut up once and a while and to stay out of your life, I need that I think. Once again I do love you, just tell me where I go wrong.

Ghost Zero
look. dont blame yourself. you cant. this is just between him and i and we were wrong to involve other people. it doesnt seem as if he and i are able to talk to eachother, so i went to other people. apparently that is a very bad thing. who knows. its not that big of a deal... really. it would be cool if things could be reconciled. maybe they will in the future. we will just have to see. i love you.